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Interference with business relationships can occur when a false claim has been made against a business in an effort to drive customers away. It may also occur when a party has been persuaded to breach a contract with a business. These occurrences can be financially devastating to any company.

At the law firm of Gray Ritter Graham, our attorneys help protect businesses and limit the financial impact caused by unscrupulous businesses and individuals who sabotage contractual agreements.

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Contract Interference

It can be considered contract interference when a competitor persuades another party to breach its contract with you. This may happen by attempting to undercut your costs, offering the same or similar product at a lower price or otherwise driving customers away from you. In some cases, a competitor may have taken steps that made it impossible for the other party to execute the contract or to follow through on contractual commitments.

A breach of contract claim against the party who entered into the contract may be one possibility to help you get satisfactory relief. However, it may also be possible to file suit against the party that helped create the breach. Our commercial litigation attorneys will thoroughly review every aspect of your case in an effort to help determine the best cause of action.

Slander and Libel

Slander and libel cases are not confined to the news media. If a competitor printed lies about your business or made false verbal claims regarding your products or business practices, it may be liable for tortious interference. The legal team at Gray Ritter Graham will help hold these parties accountable for their actions and will work to limit any lasting damage to your business.

Gray Ritter Graham works on a contingency basis for its commercial litigation. That means, you pay attorneys' fees only after we make a recovery for you. Our fees are based on the amount of recovery. You may be responsible for certain litigation expenses, however, if there is no recovery.

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