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Farmers: Seeds, Sprays, Government Programs

Farmers face challenges every day, but when the difficulties they face are caused by big companies or the government, they often look for help from a law firm that understands farming, such as Gray Ritter Graham.

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Gray Ritter Graham in St. Louis has an understanding of agriculture, an appreciation of farmers, and a proven track record in protecting their rights and livelihoods. Our lawyers welcome opportunities to help farmers whose farming businesses have been harmed by the actions of others. Below are examples of the types of agricultural litigation our firm handles.

  • When rice farmers purchased seeds, they did not know that the seeds had been contaminated by unapproved, experimental genetically modified seeds. Their crops could not be exported to the European Union, and that ban quickly spread to other parts of the world. GRG lawyers took on the case and filed suit against the seed developer that was responsible for the contamination. Three initial successful jury verdicts were obtained, along with a substantial confidential settlement in another segment of the litigation. A global settlement of $750 million on behalf of the farmers and farming operations ultimately was obtained.
  • Cotton farmers were sold seeds that caused their cotton crops to suffer from bronze wilt. The farmers reported yield losses of one-third to one-half of their crops. GRG lawyers represented the farmers, obtaining multimillion dollar settlements for them.
  • When farmers were misled by the federal government about which form they needed to sign to maximize program payments, they lost valuable benefits. GRG represented the farmers in the ensuing class action litigation and obtained a multimillion dollar settlement for the farmers.
  • A certain herbicide was sprayed over rice crops in Missouri. The spray was good for the rice crops, but the herbicide spray's aerial drift over a two-mile wide and twenty-mile long area was toxic to nearby cotton crops. Our attorneys represented the cotton farmers.

When farmers face legal issues, they are welcome to call us.

GRG lawyers have friends and relatives who are Missouri and Arkansas farmers, and we welcome the opportunity to help when farmers are facing agricultural law issues. It costs nothing to call and ask us to review your case. Contact us as soon as possible so that we begin our investigation.